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Tautila - Red - Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

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Señorio de la Tautila Tinto non-alcoholic red wine is produced by Señorío de la Tautila in Spain. The wine has a ripe, cherry color and exhibits pleasant, fruity aromas behind the hints of wood barrels. The wine is voluminous in the mouth and has persistent structure with personality. Best paired with meats, roasts and savory appetizers.

This wine is produced through a method known as vacuum distillation at low temperature, the most traditional and least aggressive method of dealcoholization. Through this sophisticated method, it is processed without temperature aggression or pressure. The wine is previously fermented in stainless steel tanks under strictly controlled conditions. With this “deconstruction”, it minimizes the risk of loss of the wine’s aromatic components.

Other Information:

  • Señorío de la Tautila Tinto Alcohol Free (0.0%) Red Wine 750ml.
  • Produced by Señorío de la Tautila winery in Spain with Tempranillo grapes.
  • Best paired with meats, roasts and savory appetizers.   
  • Best served at 14-16ºC (57.2 - 60.8ºF).

Serving Size: 100 ml

Calories : 19

Fat: 0g

Sodium: o mg

Carbs: 3.8 g

Sugar: 4g


Brand - Señorio de la Tautila
Liquid Volume - 750 Milliliters
Package Information - Bottle
Package Weight - 2.86 Kilograms