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Wood Stove Kitchen — Rose Honey Lemon Mixer

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Wood Stove Kitchen's founder was once at a fancy restaurant in Camden, Maine when the waiter brought him their signature cocktail for the 4th of July. It was heavily infused with organic rose petals and given a great twist with lemon. It was pink and floral and utterly delicious. Hence, we have taken the rose and lemon and sweetened them up with some honey and made a remarkably simple and out-of-this-world mixer that is best with vodka, gin, or rum but which is also great just in hot water as a tea or in smoothies or lemonade. Rose-infused lemonade or iced tea anyone? Or add it to rosé wine for a rose rosé sangria. Mind...BLOWN. We tried seven different types of rose petals before settling on the best variety for this mix.

Note: This product is concentrated and can make 8 or more rose-infused cocktails or glasses of sweet rose lemonade, seltzer, iced tea, etc. Give it a try! If you haven't tried many rose products before, you will be incredibly and happily surprised.


Type: Shrubs/Syrups