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Recess — Peach Ginger

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Peach Ginger is a rising socialite who self-identifies as "the fun one," but to the other cans she's just the problem child. on the weekends you can find her sneaking into various night clubs she's been banned from or getting caught up in another pyramid scheme on Facebook.

the flavor: big and peachy, like the 90s

the taste: brewed with real dried peaches, ginger, and spices for a fruity peach start and zesty ginger finish that tastes like nostalgia


filtered water, peach ginger tea infusion (filtered water, cane sugar*, hibiscus*, ginger*, apple*, rosehips*, chicory root*, licorice root*, peaches*), peach juice concentrate, peach nectar* (filtered water, peach puree*, apple puree*, apple juice concentrate*, ascorbic acid), broad spectrum hemp extract 10mg, ginseng powder, L-theanine powder, lemon balm powder, natural flavor

* organic ingredients

Nutrition Information:

  • serving size: 12oz
  • carbs: 5g
  • total sugars: 4g
  • added sugar: 4g
  • calories: 25
  • potassium: 80mg
  • broad spectrum hemp extract: 10mg


Serving Size: 12oz

Calories : 0%

Fat: 0%

Sodium: 0%

Carbs: 0%

Sugar: 4g