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Recess — Blood Orange

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Blood Orange is the hot yoga instructor whose class is always booked. He is always doing a juice cleanse and he never makes any major decisions without first consulting his reiki healer/mentor/psychic. He has nearly joined a cult 4 times, and is deeply in debt from buying large-scale rocks, gongs, and fountains for his bedroom. He will probably live forever.

the flavor: balanced and grounded, like a good piece of advice

the taste: brewed with real orange zest, orange oil and blood orange juice for a well-rounded blood orange flavor that brings everything into focus



filtered water, orange tea infusion (filtered water, orange zest, orange oil), orange juice concentrate, pear juice concentrate, blood orange juice concentrate, natural flavors, lemon juice concentrate, broad spectrum hemp extract 10mg, ginseng powder, l-theanine powder, lemon balm powder

Nutrition Information:

serving size: 12oz

  • carbs: 5g
  • total sugars: 4g
  • added sugars: 0g
  • calories: 15
  • potassium: 74mg
  • broad spectrum hemp extract: 10mg

    Tags: blood orange
    Type: Hemp Adaptogenic