Lussory Organic Merlot Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

Lussory Organic Merlot Non-Alcoholic Red Wine - Boisson
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Based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Lussory is an innovator in the world of non-alcoholic wines. Their non-alcoholic wine is dealcoholized, Halal-friendly, and true to the aromas, flavors and palate of a full-volume wine. The Organic Merlot is a classic, balanced red made with organic grapes from Spain. With much of the same body and dark fruit flavors as the original wine, it’s a classic pairing alongside red meats, roasted chicken, or a decked-out charcuterie board. 

750 ml

0.0% ABV

Serving Temperature: 57-61ºF

Storage Temperature: below 52ºF


A deep red hue and medium-full body with purple florals on the nose. Red and black fruit flavors dominate the palate. Hints of herbaceous greens and a bit of baking spice add complexity and balance.

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Calories :