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Hill Street Vin(Zero) Non-Alcoholic Brut Blanc

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Who doesn’t love the bubbly? This has gotta be my favourite wine in our entire portfolio. It’s bubbly, fun, zesty, perky, funky, poppy, and delicious! It’s like a boy band in a bottle, all autotuned and fresh faced, and ready to dominate the airwaves, surrounded by the screams of young girls and moms reliving their youth. And I admit, full disclosure here, probably a fair number of dads who secretly get their groove on when no one’s looking except their daughters. I mean, who hasn’t shaken their money maker to a little classic Backstreet every now and then? Well, that’s this Brut. Sparkling, tasty, lemony, yummy.

Pop the cork and see for yourself. This is simply delicious. A guilty pleasure without the guilt. It’s a party in a bottle, so party with a bottle! And unlike the morning after, this crisp Brut doesn’t rush out and not leave a number. Our Brut keeps on loving you every time you buy it. Serve it nicely chilled 5/8°C!

Nose:Fruity with hints of lemony muscat
Mouth:Fresh with hints of peach, muscat and lemon finish

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