Hella - Smoked Chili Bitters 5oz

Hella — Smoked Chili Bitters 5oz - Boisson
Hella — Smoked Chili Bitters 5oz - Boisson
Hella — Smoked Chili Bitters 5oz - Boisson
Hella — Smoked Chili Bitters 5oz - Boisson
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Hella Cocktail Co. is a non-alcoholic collection of premium bitters, mixers, and pre-mixed drinks made with hospitality, generosity, and real ingredients. The Smoked Chili Bitters are a surprising, creative blend of whole smoked chilis, orange peel, and gentian root. Simply put, they bring the heat. The kicker ingredient is the smoked chilis, sourced by Hella for their distinct, X-factor taste that brings this formula to the next level.  A touch of caramelized sugar is added right before the bottle is sealed, bringing balance to the intensely bitter flavor. 

With a spicy, smoky, and rich finish, the Smoked Chili Bitters add a lively bite to any cocktail recipe and blend especially well with agave-based or aged spirits. If you’re a spice connoisseur, this will be a sure-fire addition to your A-list. 

5 oz
< 0.5% ABV

Much like using vanilla extract in the kitchen, bitters can be added to taste in a variety of recipes calling for extra flavor. A drop or two of Smoked Chili Bitters will add a hot and spicy depth to any soda water, tonic, or cocktail recipe. It’s a great go-to for turning classic margaritas spicy.

Whole smoked chilis and dried orange peel, gentian root, and spice makes for a deep, complex finish. 

Serving Size: 3/8 tsp (1.8ml)

Calories : Og

Fat: Og

Sodium: Omg

Carbs: Og

Sugar: Og


Water, Alcohol, Caramel,
Whole Smoked Chili, Orange Peel,
Gentian, Spices