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Gnista — Barreled Oak — Non-Alcoholic Spirit

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Gnista hails from Sweden with the mission to create alcohol alternatives that are dark, intense and complex—proper adult beverages. Their Barreled Oak is smoky and sweet, providing a drink worth a pause in your day.


Complex and bitter, drink slowly on the rocks, mixed with soda, or in mocktails.


Dry and smoky, with tones of warm spices, chocolate rye and a distinct character of oak barrel. The nose is sweet and woody mixed with bitter earth. The taste is full-bodied and a pleasant balance of the sweet, smoky, and woody aromas plus a touch of saltiness.


Water, rhubarb, beet syrup, dried spices & fruit (raisins, oak, rye malt, ginger, pepper, lovage and wormwood), extracts made from vodka (almond, cinnamon, rosemary & habanero), wort, sea salt, preserved by potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate, distillates from botanicals (rosemary, clove and cinnamon)


Serving Size:

Calories : 59

Fat: 0.1 g


Carbs: 13.8 g

Sugar: 13.8 g

Protein:0.3 g

Water, rhubarb juice, beet syrup, dried spices & fruit (raisins, ginger, oak, wormwood, chamomille, black pepper, lovage), infusions made from (almond, orange, oregano, juniper, stair anise, habanero), sea salt, preserved by sodium sorbate and sodium benzoate, distillates from botanicals (orange peel, star anise, juniper, rose)
Allergen: Almond

Customer Reviews

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Victoria Dutcher (Rochester, US)

Truly a whiskey vibe in a non alcoholic spirit. Perfect for sipping on cool nights.

Joseph Clark (Los Angeles, US)
Smokey and delicious!

Gnista Barreled Oak is by far my favorite non-alcoholic spirit. It is dark and smokey, rich with hints of raisin, rye, and wood. Everything the label says, you get in your glass. A couple of ounces neat and I’m sipping “Scotch” without the side effects of booze. I cannot get enough and look forward to buying more as soon as it becomes available.

Anne Tedfelt
Truly unique!

Have been looking for a NA sprit you can drink neat and this one is even in need of a little dilution and great on the rocks. Quite a bit of resistance you can expect a smokey intense drink with tannins, a bit of cinnamon and other spices (taste just what it says on the back) Yum!

William Cramer (Mansfield, US)

This stuff is great. Im so happy the world has Boisson. I get off work, mix my Gnista with ginger beer and a lime, and fall asleep SOBER and satisfied. 8 months sober and counting. Thank you, Boisson. I've literally turned at least 4 of my customers (I'm a server) onto your site. Just fantastic.