Acid League Proxies - Sauvage

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Acid League Proxies are layered blends of juices, teas, spices, bitters, and more–designed to pair with food and be enjoyed in your finest stemware. With acidity, tannin, body, and flavor, they may look and feel like wine, yet they’re completely unique. 

Sauvage is the crisp white serve of the Proxies collection. Inspired by the terroir and forests of Canada, it recalls many shades of green: crisp apples, green spruce tips, fresh evergreen. Made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes, it’s a lovely cleansing apéritif or wine substitute. Pair with Roast Squash, Smoked Trout, Pork Chops, or Poutine. 

750 ml
< 0.5% ABV

Trained winemakers blend Acid League Proxies from a library of hundreds of ingredients. Pale yellow in the glass, Sauvage is a crisp, refreshing pour akin to Sauvignon Blanc green apple at the front and sharp layers of pine, apple vinegar, and white tea. 

Fruit: Green Apple, Sauvignon Blanc Grapes

Acidity: Verjus, Apple Vinegar

Spice: Spruce Tips, Cedar, Juniper, Caraway

Body: Bai Jian White Tea

Serving Size: 8 fl oz (237 mL)

Calories : 45

Fat: 2.6g

Sodium: 110mg

Carbs: 0g

Sugar: 9g


Layered blends of juices, teas, spices, bitters