Acid League Proxies - Nightshade

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Acid League Proxies are layered blends of juices, teas, spices, bitters, and more–designed to pair with food and be enjoyed in your finest stemware. With acidity, tannin, body, and flavor, they may look and feel like wine, yet they’re completely unique. 

Nightshade is an ode to Tuscany at golden hour; savory herbs and tomatoes make the mouth water in a rustic, earthy blend reminiscent of red wine. Enjoy this self-proclaimed funky red alongside pizza, bolognese, ribeye, braised cabbage, and salumi for the perfect Italy-inspired pairings.   

750 ml 
< 0.5% ABV

Trained winemakers blend Acid League Proxies from a library of hundreds of ingredients. Nightshade is a ruby colored mesh of fruity and spicy elements with a savory, minerally depth featuring paprika spice, Kashmiri chili, and sundried tomatoes with olive leaf and rooibos tea. 

Fruit: Cherry, Cranberry, Sangiovese Grapes

Acidity: Sun-dried Tomato Vinegar

Spice: Paprika, Olive Leaf, Kombu

Body: Rooibos Tea, Jeju Black Tea

Serving Size:

Calories : 5.7



Carbs: 1.4 g



Tomato juice, sundried tomato vinegar, Kashmiri chili, and paprika combine with cherries, Sangiovese grapes, kombu, rooibos, black tea