Wood Stove Kitchen - Blackberry & Sage Cocktail Mixer

Wood Stove Kitchen — Blackberry & Sage Cocktail Mixer - Boisson
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This mixer from Wood Stove Kitchen tastes amazingly like blackberries and is complemented perfectly by the soft sage. It is refreshing yet also brooding -- we love it with a bit of bourbon over ice, though it's also an ideal accompaniment to gin, vodka (Tito's anyone?), or rum.

Mix it in with a bit of iced tea or seltzer for a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink.

This product is concentrated, so you can get 10+ cocktails out of a single bottle.

Only 40 calories per serving.



Serving Size: 1.5 ounces (43mL)

Calories : 35

Fat: Og

Sodium: 0mg

Carbs: 10g

Sugar: 10g


Pure Clover Honey,
Blackberry Juice
Concentrate, Lemon
Juice Concentrate,
Whole Sage.