Surely - Non-Alcoholic Rosé

Surely — Non-Alcoholic Rosé - Boisson
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Surely is dedicated to creating sophisticated, stigma-free non-alcoholic wines out of premium Californian vineyards. Their Non-Alcoholic Rosé is created and dealcoholized in collaboration with the finest winemakers in the Monterey region of California. The process retains the aromas, flavors, and antioxidants of the original wine. This rosé even contains estersa naturally occurring floral aroma created during fermentation.

While the scent of the blooms is fleeting, it makes for a special drinking experience. It's perfect for poolside sipping, slowing down for some self care, or just enjoying its perfect pink hue. You can also do all three. 

750 ml 
< 0.5% ABV

For the best taste experience, consume within 3 days of opening. 


A pale peach hue shines in the glass, complementing floral aromas and a palate of peach, passion fruit, strawberry, and a hint of watermelon. The delicate body and burst of acidity make for a refreshing, smooth experience.

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