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Surely — Non-Alcoholic Pinot Noir

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Sourced this uniquely versatile grape from the stunning California coast. To create this full bodied wine, the grapes were fermented on the skins resulting in a romantic, velvet hue.

Not overpowering, an easy-drinker and most notably your next go-to dinner table red that provides all the health benefits of a red wine, without the alcohol. The perfect wine for any crowd.

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Customer Reviews

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Bill L (Glen Mills, US)
Best NA red

I am picky and have tried a few, but hands down the best NA Red so far! Full bodied, maybe a little full for a Pinot, but really good mouthfeel and taste without the overly grape juice flavor that dominates other alternatives. Even after being open 3 days it still held a good flavor.

Jennifer Drew-Steiner (Des Plaines, US)
Best so far

This is the third non-alcoholic wine I’ve tried and so far my favorite. It’s got that little crisp grab in my mouth and the closest feel and taste to regular wine so far. It’s not perfect, still has a bit of that stale grape juice taste, but not bad.

Angelea (Rye, US)
“Surely” better than Sovi or Jukes 6 but still somewhat expensive grape juice

Recently I’ve tried Sovi and Jukes 6 (the Jukes mixed by still water & will try with sparkling water or seltzer soon) and the Surely dealcoholized pinot noir, is surely better over both the aforementioned still I couldn’t help thinking I’m not really drinking dealcoholized wine but rather expensive grape juice.

However I give TWO (three if I had em, tehe) thumbs up recommendations for Boisson’s Thomson & Scott Noughty dealcoholized sparking rosé and their MONDAYS gin-like spirit. Both totally worth it in flavor, color, smell, and taste.

The folks at Boisson are wonderful to work with and offer superior customer service. Thank you!

Mary Ackerman (White Haven, US)
Not even close to tasting like wine

I was so disappointed with this product especially at the price. Drank a few sips and just poured the rest down the drain. It smelled and tasted like sour grapes.