Surely - Non-Alcoholic Lemon Ginger Spritz (4 Pack)

Surely — Non-Alcoholic Lemon Ginger Spritz (4 Pack) - Boisson
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Surely is dedicated to creating sophisticated, stigma-free non-alcoholic wines out of premium Californian vineyards. Their Non-Alcoholic Lemon Ginger Spritz is made with a dynamic duo of Surely Non-Alcoholic Brut and fresh juice. The same bubbly, sharp feel of the Brut is enhanced with juicy citrus flavors and a bit of ginger spice. Neither the sweet nor sour is overpowering. Without alcohol, added sugar, or hangover, it makes for a truly carefree refreshment. 

This spritz has the same quality of a freshly poured drink in the convenience of a carry-proof can. Pour it over ice and enjoy it at home, take it to-go, or pack it up just in case the mood hits. Ever alluring and reliable.

250 ml
Pack of 4
< 0.5% ABV


Bright lemon cut with the heat of ginger creates a lively tension between acidity and sweetness. Perfectly balanced flavors packed in vibrant bubbles makes for a fresh, fizzy spritz.

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