Lyre's - Non-Alcoholic Italian Spritz

Lyre's — Non-Alcoholic Italian Spritz - Boisson
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Lyre’s offers a premium range of non-alcoholic spirits expertly crafted to mimic the original, full volume spirits they imitate. The Italian Spritz is a refreshing, easy-on-the-eyes apéritif. The classic blood orange color you know and love is a nod to Aperol, and a bittersweet blend of orange flavors lends itself generously to any variety of spritz recipes. 

Whether you’re sipping during a Venice daydream or warming up your appetite, this vibrant spritz makes for an instant classic. 

700 ml

< 0.5% ABV

23 servings per bottle


Serve with soda or tonic water and an orange garnish for a traditional apéritif.

For a non-alcoholic take on the revered Amalfi Spritz, mix Lyre’s Italian Spritz with your favorite prosecco.


This deeply colored, red-orange apéritif is gently bitter and slightly sweet. Orange, slightly herbal aromas give into flavors of sweet orange, astringent rhubarb and a dry, refreshing finish. 


Serving Size: 1 oz

Calories : 83

Fat: 0g

Sodium: 0g

Carbs: 6g

Sugar: 6g