Hill Street Vin(Zero) Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay

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Our Vin(Zero) Chardonnay is so tasty and delicious, upon your first sip you will look at the sexy man on our label and declare, “where have you been all my life!” After which, you will have some explaining to do to your significant other. This tarty little number has got just enough zest to put a little zipadeedoodah into anyone’s day, and is the perfect way to compliment fish, chicken, pork, and seafood. It even goes great with breakfast cereal or bacon and eggs, if that’s what floats yer boat. And who are we to judge anyways?

Our winemaker worked especially hard to ensure Vin(Zero) Chardonnay is a refreshing, light, funky drink. Like Steely Dan during their reclusive studio era. But we’re not saying you should hole up in LA to drink it. This wine is all about sharing, and we’ve found it’s pleasant and appealing clear yellow tones as smooth as Pablo Cruise. When you take the first sip, it brings to mind that weekend at the lake, with the sun shining just over the trees, and the fish jumping, and the smell of fresh baked bread. And cookies. Mmmmmmm…..cookies. Best served at 8/10°C.

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