Hill Street Vin(Zero) Non-Alcoholic Shiraz

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Did you know that the Shiraz grape originates from Persia? Like Alexander the Great, who was Greek but had a couple of Persian wives, or those dudes from the movie “300”, this little Persian number will conquer you with its bold raspberry, red berries and peach tastes. But without all the destruction and pillaging. Just pure delightful flavour. So, I guess, nothing like Alexander the Great or those dudes from the movie “300”. And our Shiraz grapes came from Belgium.

Our winemaker approached us with the idea of making an alcohol free Shiraz. And we said, “Is that even possible? I mean, Shiraz is such a bold, complex wine. It would have to be extraordinary wine to begin with, and then carefully managed through the process where we remove all the “bad stuff.” And he said, “HA! Just watch me.” So we did. And then we drank it. And then we drank some more of it. And perhaps a bit more after that. He’s still waiting for our reply. And we’re still drinking it. Serve at: 8/10°C

Nose:Red fruit with hint of raspberry
Mouth:Fresh with hints of raspberry and red currant

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