Acid League - Nightshade

Acid League - Nightshade
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"There's something magical about Tuscany as day turns to night. The scent of savory herbs and roasted tomatoes wafting through the air, whetting the appetite for the feast ahead. Nightshade captures it all in a bottle, meshing the savory depth of nightshades like paprika, Kashmiri chili, and sundried tomatoes with olive leaf and earthy rooibos tea. A rustic, reliable red fit for sipping every day and night."

Fruit: Cherry, Cranberry, Sangiovese Grapes

Acidity: Sun-dried Tomato Vinegar

Spice: Paprika, Olive Leaf, Kombu

Body: Rooibos Tea, Jeju Black Tea

Serving Size:

Calories : 5.7



Carbs: 1.4 g



Tomato juice, sundried tomato vinegar, Kashmiri chili, and paprika combine with cherries, Sangiovese grapes, kombu, rooibos, black tea